Digital Document Storage & Retrieval

The paperless office has become a reality.  A reputable copier dealer can demonstrate how simple, cost effective and time efficient it is to introduce a digital document management into your business. By utilising the combined facilities, knowledge base and advanced technical facilities available through your supplier, office based computer hub and the advanced office technology printing systems on the market today, professional suppliers are able to bring you some of the most reliable and efficient digital document storage and retrieval systems available to any size of business.


Scanning, archive and retrieval systems have been viewed by some businesses as a 'dark art' or at least with some doubt and suspicion in the past, where poor experiences of older and less stable systems have caused problems with document retrieval.  By combining the facilities which todays advanced technology and equipment can bring to your office, you need never lose a document again, as these advanced systems will indeed allow you to find that illusive "needle in the haystack".

Archive and Workflow Management Systems

Office workers spend at least 5% of their time (about 72 hours a year) looking for bits of paper, and now there’s no need. The rapid scanning, auto-indexing, digital filing systems will deal with emails, images and all file types; they engage perfectly with multifunctional office devices and your business IT system, and will track and manage every document from the moment it enters the business. Archive securely, search and retrieve electronically, with paper copies only if they’re needed. Fast, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally green.

We feature one of the leading management systems:

  • PowerRetrieve and PowerRetrieve Lite, from InfoCAP

With Advanced Business-Hub Machines and PowerRetrieve software you can:

  • Scan at up to 92 pages per minute
  • Store with automatic document indexing
  • Search thousands of files per minute
  • Retrieve with ultra efficient & easy to use Boolean (Google style) searching
  • Automatic back-up of your confidential/business-critical files
  • Seamless integration into your business, making the paperless office a reality not a dream
  • Eliminate/reduce expensive space consuming paper files
PowerRetrieve. Scan - Archive - Retrieve. Digital Document Storage System

PowerRetrieve will automate your document filing for both scanned and electronic office documents and provide a powerful retrieval user interface that is cost effective and simple to use.

Features and Functionality Unique to PowerRetrieve

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Error Tolerance
  • Fully Automated Content Indexing
  • Low Cost Content Management
  • Unparalleled Error Tolerance in Search Engine

PowerRetrieve Work Processes

  • Automatic Full Content Indexing
  • Archiving
  • Intelligent Retrieval
  • Information Research
  • Data Interrogation

PowerRetrieve – Total Knowledge Management

PowerRetrieve is an intelligent document archive and retrieval system that links seamlessly to the business-hub range of printers/scanners/copiers, providing fully automatic collection, indexing and filing of scanned documents.

Once collected PowerRetrieve will automatically OCR (Optical Character Recognition) the documents and auto-index their entire contents at the speed of approx. 4000 A4 pages per minute and auto-file the documents into a familiar file room structure of filing cabinets, hanging files and folders.

PowerRetrieve will automatically index the content and the associated labels of most electronic file formats, including the ASCII text files created by the OCR process from TIFF images and most major Office formats such as Microsoft Office suite and many others.

PowerRetrieve System Features

  • Auto indexes the full content of paper based and electronic documents, word processing files, spreadsheets, presentation graphics, email etc
  • PowerRetrieve provides Boolean, Pattern and Concept search capabilities on the document contents.
  • Pattern and Boolean search capability on the document labels, such as client ID number or file name etc.
  • Label search results will be listed in date order when using the Boolean search capabilities of the system.
  • Content search hit list shows hottest hit line in body of text by ranking the results in order of proximity to the search clue.
  • View retrieved documents in their native format, plus the ability to launch original application in order to modify the document/ file contents outside of PowerRetrieve.
  • Once the right information is found, simply click to Print, Email or Fax.
  • Limited indexing set up required.
  • No need to proof read OCR’d files to correct OCR errors. PowerRetrieve is OCR error tolerant.

PowerRetrieve provides a simple to use interface for searching the file room providing unparalleled results in terms of speed and accuracy.  With the unique capability of finding the right information even when the search query is inaccurate or miss spelt or if the scanned documents have OCR errors.

Want to know more about cost effective scanning, archiving & document management?

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Document Scanning, Archive and Retrieval Systems