Can You Really Afford To Run Your Desktop Inkjet Printers?

Recent surveys have indicated that the cost of fuelling the inkjet printer that sits in the corner of your office is far greater than the cost of fuelling an airliner!  At an average cost of over £3,500 per gallon, inkjet ink ranks amongst one of the highest value liquid commodities in modern society!  The ink supplied in inkjet cartridges is more expensive than aviation fuel, the finest perfumes, vintage champagne or even blood!

An average B&W A4 page produced by an inkjet printer costs
range between £0.14 - £0.23 per print!*

An average COLOUR A4 page produced by an inkjet printer costs
range between £0.26 - £0.74 per print!*

These costs reflect the ink consumption only and do not take account of the cost of the printer or of any ongoing repairs/maintenance costs.

Professional office copiers/printers maintenance contracts start from as little as £0.004 per A4 print - and yes, that does include the toner (Black & White and Colour), all consumables, service and maintenance.


Professional photocopier/printer suppliers will be pleased to analyse the costs of operating your existing office print and copy facilities through analyst technology.  This is a no-obligation service from most suppliers, who will give you the information to make informed choices and to obtain the most advantageous copying and printing equipment to cover your everyday needs. 

If you need assistance in calculating the number of copies/prints each of your office machines is producing, they can install print auditing software onto your system for you.  This will generate a detailed report and costings of your present printing volumes from all of your office printing and photocopying equipment.  A reputable supplier will offer this service free of charge and without any obligation.


To obtain your FREE Cost Analysis Report for your present office printing/copying equipment, just email the details of your present printing/copying equipment, along with the numbers of B&W and Colour copies produced each day, week or month to your present or prospective digital printer/copier supplier. Include your business name, contact name and telephone number, and they should be able to respond within a few business days with the results of the analysis.
If you require assistance in calculating your present levels of print/copy consumption, contact your chosen supplier to assist with undertaking a print audit for you.



*cost variation due to the make/model of inkjet printer.
source Computeractive lab tests



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