Konica Minolta BizHub 1050e
Accessories and Modules

In the end, it all depends on the final result. When it comes to finishing, the BizHub PRO 1050e really shines. The Konica Minolta production system accommodates customer wishes with speed, simplicity and the utmost satisfaction. From numerous online punching and stapling options up to eight sophisticated folding functions, booklet creation and book binding the results speak for themselves.

Booklet Maker (SD-501)

BizHub PRO 1050e Booklet Maker Module

The booklet-maker provides tangible added value as ideal finishing equipment for all kinds of saddle stitched and trimmed booklets. It speeds up the online production of leaflets, brochures, catalogues and other marketing, sales and training materials.

  • The 50-sheet booklet-maker provides added value by enabling the production of brochures with up to 200 pages including automatic image shift and trimming.
  • Multi letter fold and in-half folding functionality for up to 5 sheets accelerates the creation of mailings.
  • A large output capacity for up to 50 books ensures production without downtime.

Folding Unit (FD-501)

BizHub PRO 1050e Folding Unit

The ideal choice for the production of mailings, flyers and more, the FD-501 is used to its best advantage in combination with either the booklet maker, the staple finisher or the perfect binder.

  • Six different folding schemes.
  • 2/4 hole punching.
  • 100% productivity when punching.
  • Post-insertion of pre-printed sheets and covers.

Staple Finisher (FS-503)

BizHub PRO 1050e Staple Finisher

Equipped with the FS-503 the BizHub PRO 1050e provides multi-position stapling making this the perfect choice for the production of manuals, reports and other extensive documentation.

  • Stapling with variable staple-length of up to 100 sheets
    with 100% productivity (up to 244 gsm).
  • Auto-shift sorting and grouping.
  • Output capacity for up to 3,000 sheets.

Large Stacker (LS-501m + LS-502)

BizHub PRO 1050e Large Stacker

With one or two large-capacity stacker units the BizHub PRO 1050e is perfectly suitable for integration into environments with existing finishing facilities, such as insertion or postage metering facilities, or other existing equipment. A big improvement to all near-line finishing work. Trolley mounted paper stacker for direct transfer to existing near-line finishing stations.

  • Up to 10,000 sheets stacking capacity when mounted as a tandem.
  • Auto-shift stacking.
  • Paper clamp mechanism

Perfect binder (PB-501)

BizHub PRO 1050e Perfect Binder

Konica Minolta’s latest finisher highlight enables online production of all kinds of perfect-bound books. Z-fold insertion and the inclusion of pre-printed colour covers and sheets are also available.  Bookbinding up to 30 mm thickness.

  • Hot melted glue process.
  • In-line cover trimming.
  • Cover tray for up to 1,000 sheets

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The BizHub PRO 1050e. In-line punching and stapling options, sophisticated folding functions, booklet creation and perfect binding

Konica Minolta BizHub 1050e
Accessories and Modules

  • Booklet maker (SD-501)
  • Folding unit (FD-501)
  • Paper size: A6–A3
  • Staple finisher (FS-503)
  • Large stacker (LS-501m + LS-502)
  • Perfect binder (PB-501)


The bizhub PRO 1050 is the premier choice for high-volume printing and finishing


Konica Minolta BizHub PRO Systems Finishing Accessories

  • Booklet maker (SD-501)
  • Folding unit (FD-501)
  • Paper size: A6–A3
  • Staple finisher (FS-503)
  • Large stacker (LS-501m + LS-502)
  • Perfect binder (PB-501)


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