Compact Desktop Copiers & Printers

These compact, desktop copiers and printers have both standard and optional features normally only expected from much larger models.

Just because you run a small business or work from home or have limited space, doesn’t mean you can’t have all the facilities normally only available on larger Office Duty photocopier models. We appreciate that space is often limited and so we have a range of compact models designed specifically for this purpose.  Compact desktop copiers & printers have the following facilities:

  • Mono & Full Colour Copying or Printing. Produce professional quality black & white or full colour documents and photos at a fraction of the cost of ink jet printers.
  • Automatic Document Feeders to allow you to copy up to 50 page documents easily, simply and efficiently.
  • Automatic Duplex (double siding) which can allow you to save on postage or to produce professional finished multi page reports.  Duplex documents will help save on filing space.
  • Scan to email/HDD or .pdf/.tiff etc.  Or scan documents for digital storage and retrieval with RapidRetrieve software.
  • Network or local print- no need for a separate laser/ink jet printer.  Print at high speed with low running costs and exceptional print quality with a Konica Minolta multi function desktop copier/printer.
  • Fax facilities - with limited space in your office these models have an integral fully featured fax machine to save you time and space.

Konica Minolta 1600F

Konica Minolta 1600F - The Compact Office Mate Desktop

Konica Minolta’s new all-in-one copier/printer excels with its extremely compact design, convenient low weight and virtually silent operation – all this combined makes the 1600f the perfect partner right at the workplace.

It faxes, prints, copies and scans in black and white; scanning is also possible in colour, offering the user for example the convenience of scan to email or HDD of colour brochures, articles, presentations, and more.

With its good print quality and speedy 16 pages per minute the 1600f is ideal for all correspondence


Konica Minolta BizHub C10

The BizHub C10 is the perfect A4 colour copier, scanner, GDI printer and b/w fax.

The scope of the new BizHub C10 is more than generous: In this copier/printer system all features are standard – there are virtually no optional upgrades.  Small wonder that Konica Minolta’s colour all-in-one impresses with its comprehensive functionality.


Konica Minolta BizHub C10P

Konica Minolta BizHub C10P complements the existing larger output systems in the office but provides instant personal copying and printing to b/w and colour prints.

The BizHub C10P is the ideal output device for the every-day office applications of individual users and will equally satisfy the black & white and colour printing needs of small teams.


Konica Minolta BizHub 40P

The BizHub 40P delivers quality! Thanks to Simitri®HD toner it's copies and prints are beautifully sharp and crisp whether in colour or b/w.

The BizHub 40P delivers print and copy quality! Thanks to Simitri®HD toner it's copies and prints are beautifully sharp and crisp whether in colour or black & white. This makes it the ideal all-rounder to produce any type of office document: coloured presentations, handbooks, illustrated reports and whatever else is needed from a desktop office copier and printer.


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