Konica Minolta Recycling Programme

One of the greatest issues for humankind today is the sustainable preservation of a global environment. Our goal is to ensure that our company, and our business partner's companies, develops in harmony with the environment.

Recycling Used Toner Cartridges

Our world on loan scheme is designed to help our customers meet and exceed their environmental targets for recycling and to protect the environment. This provides you with a process to return and recycle used consumables. 100% of the returned consumable materials are recycled and recovered into raw materials for other industrial use. We will be pleased to provide you with documentation to meet your recycling targets.

Konica Minolta Printing Solutions Europe is one of the first vendors to implement cartridge shredding as a part of their environmental recycling policy. Plastic parts extracted from toner cartridges are first pulverized, then melted, and moulded into new plastic parts for reuse. This not only eliminates the traditional landfill method, but it is one of the most effective recycling measures to help reduce waste whilst contributing to conserve natural resources.

The World On Loan Program ensures that used cartridges will not end up in landfill, making it the most ecologically friendly way to dispose of waste consumables. Konica Minolta's corporate policy is to take every step to minimize environmental impact throughout the entire product life cycle. This is achieved by continually investing in sustainable ways to lessen the effect of the products on the planet - from product design to green procurement.

WEEE (Waste, Electronic and Electric Equipment) compliant

Konica Minolta printers are fully WEEE (Waste, Electronic and Electric Equipment) compliant, a legislative directive that makes suppliers responsible for the safe and environmentally sound disposal of end of life equipment. Further details on WEEE compliance



A World On Loan - Putting The Environment First