Revolutionary High Chroma means what you see IS what you get

Konica Minolta has launched the BizHub PRO C65hc, the company’s first high-speed digital colour system to use the revolutionary High Chroma toner, designed to simulate the colour palate of an RGB monitor using CYMK print process.

High Chroma technology has been developed by Konica Minolta to meet the needs of the graphic design industry. As almost all graphic design now takes place on a computer monitor, designers see vibrant colours on their monitor and want to replicate those colours in print. The challenge has been that a colour monitor uses an RGB (red, green and blue) additive colour light process, whereas a digital colour press uses a CYMK (cyan, yellow, magenta and black) subtractive colour pigment process making it difficult to replicate in print what is seen on screen.

Konica Minolta’s High Chroma technology overcomes this challenge by producing print that reflects output similar to that of an RGB colour device, but using the CMYK print process. This is because the BizHub PRO C65hc produces a wider colour gamut than a conventional colour digital engine. There is an improvement in the middle of the colour gamut, but the most noticeable difference is at the edge, where vividness is greatly increased. The new High Chroma toner and developer help to achieve this, but the most significant change is in the image processing unit, improving imaging accuracy, laser exposure control and dot position.

The results are vibrant greens, cherry reds, and brilliant yellows; the colours that you associate with creative design studios and packaging so that what a designer sees on the screen is closer to what gets produced in print.

The new BizHub PRO C65hc High Chroma technology allows commercial printers to produce high-impact quality colour work, for example point of sale materials, in short runs on demand. For retailers, food outlets, advertising and other service businesses this means vibrant colour POS materials can be produced quickly in short runs. The whole High Chroma toner process is heavily patented and includes an exclusive component that significantly improves the colour reflection. Konica Minolta’s 130 year history in chemical engineering, means that they have a significant technological edge on the competition with High Chroma.




High Chroma - Developed to meet the needs of the graphic design industry