Konica Minolta launches support programme developer applications

Konica Minolta has launched a Developer Support Programme (DSP) to allow software vendors and system integrators to develop new, or to adapt existing applications, which integrate with the Konica Minolta BizHub range of multifunctional imaging systems.

The BizHub concept has three major components: the BizHub system architecture; the Emperon print system controller; and the BizHub OpenAPI, which enables control of both the print and scan functions from external applications. The Developer Support Programme provides all that is required for system integrators that want to develop applications using the OpenAPI interface.

Developments created by using the OpenAPI technology will eventually lead to the creation of customised workflows, which can be bespoke to the individual user, providing an end to end solution for their needs.

The OpenAPI provides for the seamless integration of third party software for applications such as authentication tools, pull print functionality and metadata enhanced scanning with the BizHub device. Existing applications such as the highly successful Konica Minolta PageScope Enterprise Suite have already been developed using OpenAPI. Together with further Konica Minolta technologies, OpenAPI forms the BizHub Extended Solution Technology (bEST).

Application architects can register to receive necessary resources such as the Software Development Kit (SDK) by speaking to your local BBT business consultant or directly to BBT's IT specialists.

Software solutions are becoming the key decision making process for print and scan devices in a networked environment. Recognising this, Konica Minolta are determined to make it as easy as possible for the developer community to produce applications that interface seamlessly with our BizHub range of multifunctional imaging systems. This will add additional functionality to the BizHub user’s document workflow. The OpenAPI ensures there is easy access to BizHub system architecture, while the Developer Support Programme means that full support is provided. BBT look forward to sharing our knowledge with the developer community and expanding the Developer Support Programme.





Developer Support Programme (DSP)