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  • A World On Loan
    Konica Minolta Recycling Programme
    Our world on loan scheme is designed to help our customers meet and exceed their environmental targets for recycling and to protect the environment.
  • Support For Programme Developers On BizHub
    Konica Minolta launches support programme developer applications
    The Developer Support Programme provides all that is required for system integrators that want to develop applications using the OpenAPI interface.
  • High Chroma WYSIWYG
    High Chroma means what you see is what you get
    Revolutionary High Chroma toner, designed to simulate the colour palate of an RGB monitor using CYMK print process.




  • Choose A Multifunction Copier For Your Office
    Why Your Office Copier Should Be Multi-Function
    As offices replace their photocopiers, many companies are now considering the more advanced digital technology to meet their everyday office needs.
  • Moving Closer To The Paperless Office - PowerRetrieve
    The paperless office is within the grasp of every business
    A straightforward approach to addressing the introduction of a paperless office can have the whole process introduced in little time with comparatively small set up costs
  • Assessing Your Office Printing Needs
    An informed approach to replacing the office copy & print facility
    When considering replacing the office printing and copying equipment, a more informed approach will help select the correct equipment to suit your needs.