Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you can find a range of the more regularly asked questions about printer/copier business equipment.


Q: How fast will the dealer respond if my machine breaks down?
A: Most specialist dealers/suppliers offer a guaranteed copy/print quality and reliability undertakings, as well as maximum emergency response times. Most suppliers will offer a maximum 4 hour response by a manufacturer trained, fully qualified and experienced technician. Often, they will arrive to service/repair a client's equipment before they know that a fault has developed, by utilising the machine's built-in Remote Care automated facilities. Break down response times should form a part of your original agreement on supply of the equipment.

Q: How do I pay for maintenance and toner?
A: Suppliers usually charge this by way of an inclusive cost per copy/print based on your monthly/quarterly equipment meter reading. This charge includes all parts, labour, routine maintenance, emergency call outs, consumables (except paper) and black/colour toners. Suppliers will also offer software and print controller service contracts where appropriate.

Q: How does the supplier know how many copies have done?
A: Dependant on the equipment model that you have installed, the supplier will contact you monthly/quarterly for a meter reading. With the latest equipment range, if networked and with access to your e-mail server, the equipment itself will report meter readings, toner, servicing & spare parts requirements and routine maintenance requests directly to your supplier – saving you the trouble.

Q: Can the equipment be connected to our network and used as a printer?
A: Yes! All modern photocopiers, printers and scanners have the technology to be networked. Installation by a qualified and experienced IT department specialist, with bespoke IT software and network technicians who will advise and connect the equipment where suitable and appropriate.

Q: Do we have to buy the equipment outright?
A: No, whilst you can purchase a new or refurbished photocopier/printer, professional dealers will also be able to offer competitive lease rental/purchase options. Usually these will be over a 3 or 5 year agreement period, although other periods are often available.

Q: I just want a competitive quotation by e-mail/phone without any contact from salesmen, is that actually possible?
A: Yes, why not?! Either complete a simple e-mail detailing your quotation requirements or call the prospective supplier and explain your equipment requirements. Their experienced staff will be happy to provide you with a no obligation competitive quotation. When you’re ready to place an order, they will be pleased to either take your order by phone or e-mail, no salesman will call or visit you unless you want them to! However, professional sales consultants are always available to give advice should you need it - and they can often save you money or costly errors by their advice.

Q: How do I decide which photocopier/printer is most suitable for me?
A: Deciding which model is most suitable for your current and future requirements is always a challenge and is based upon the print speed, monthly copy/print volume or cycle and the specifications needed in your office environment. A professional office copier supplier will offer a free assessment by a professional IT/Print consultant to assess exactly which model(s) would be most suited.

Specialist copier dealers also offer free, comprehensive ‘print audits’ using specialist software/hardware which can collect data from your current printers/server and personnel. This free service will work out whether there are better, more efficient ways of printing, copying or scanning within your company and this type of audit can often save a company many thousands of pounds a year.

Q: We are thinking of opting for a full colour & mono copier/printer but are concerned about costs and potential abuse of the equipment. Is there a huge difference in costs and can we restrict access?
A: Firstly, no, the difference in cost between a mono copier/printer and a full colour model is now negligible. Running costs for mono and colour have fallen dramatically over the past few years as reliability and quality have increased.
Secondly, access can be controlled/restricted to colour copying and printing easily via PIN codes and even daily/monthly ‘allowances’ to specific personnel, discuss this option with your sales consultant.

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