Remote Care Service and Maintenance Support

Inbuilt Copier / Printer Remote System Support

Remote Care is designed to reduce your workload and increase the productivity of your copier/printer system, giving you greater return on investment and increased peace of mind, at the same time streamlining your workflow and administration.

Remote Care - Working For you

Your friend in the machine, reducing your workload, increasing uptime.
Increasing your efficiency, making your investment work harder, saving you time.

Remote Care - What Does It Do?

  • Orders toner for itself!
    • You never run out of toner
    • ▲ You don’t end up with too much stored/wasted toner

  • Reports its own meter readings
    • - No intervention required from yourselves
    • - No interruption to your busy workload
    • - No errors from misreading meters or when keyboarding the reading
    • ▲ Accurate, timely invoicing

  • Notifies your supplier that Preventative Maintenance is due
    • - No need for you to do anything
    • - Your office copier/printer is kept fully operational
    • ▲ Increased uptime and productivity

  • “Predicts” component failure
    • - Consumable parts life reaching its end
    • - Roller needs replacing
    • ▲ Raises an alert for service intervention

  • Reports on the condition inside your copier/printer
    • - Paper mis-feed frequency increasing?
    • - Corona charges fluctuating?
    • ▲ Allows remote diagnosis

  • Alerts the service engineer to major component failure
    • - If something fails, it tells them exactly what
    • - The engineer will be equipped with all the correct parts
    • ▲ Faster (and first time) fixes
    • ▲ Increased uptime and productivity
    • ▲ Reduced administrative burden for you/your staff

Remote Care - Orders toner for your office BizHub, so you never run out

Predicting problems makes it easier to resolve them

The Remote Care Alert Module keeps your photocopier supplier fully up to date with how your copier/printer system is working. Each Remote Care device is packed with monitoring devices which check and adjust settings constantly, keeping quality up and failure down. Any problem detected is directly reported by Remote Care so that the supplier knows about it before you even detect it, so they can help you straight away, accurately and quickly - often even before you become aware of the problem.

- Predicting problems is better than solving them
- Forewarned is forearmed: less disruption for you and higher machine uptime
- Precise information for the engineer means fewer repairs, less downtime and longer machine life.

Time for a check-up?

Most of the copier/printer machines on the market today incorporate a Preventative Maintenance programme, calling for a service at set intervals, involving cleaning, replacement of consumable parts such as rollers etc, to maintain the high quality output you are used to from your office copier. Remote Care will tell the service department when that Preventative Maintenance service is due, so that they can schedule a visit, together with the necessary parts, at a time to suit you.

Focus on your own priorities. Let the office copier supplier focus on system maintenance

Complete service - complete security

To operate – and get all the benefits from – Remote Care, you need no additional software. Your office photocopier is able to communicate with the supplier directly via GPRS technology – and is 100% secure.

Remote Care works only with data from the machine’s operation and control memory and has no contact with data in the image memory, image processor or hard disk.

For more information, please ask your supplier for Remote Care security details.

** Please note that some manufacturers call this system by a different name, however you can be assured of the same time-saving functions from their range of equipment.



Remote Care - Maximum service from your copier/printer - Minimum demands on you

What can Remote Care do for you:

  • Alert to problems before you notice
  • Calls for regular servicing
  • Orders the toner
  • Provides the meter readings

No need to call... it will do everything for you